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MIKRONS® Dual Shaft High Speed Dispersers are mixers that will disperse pastes far too heavy for single shaft Speed Dispersers in excess of 300,000 centipoises. This MIKRONS® dual mixer is a two machine in one combining the dispersing action of a high speed shaft and disc impeller with the high shear action of the heavy duty open impeller.


This machine has two high-speed shafts, each with variable speed and four impellers - two on each shaft positioned to alternately overlap. The shafts can be moved sideways so that the impellers are a few inches apart or moved together so that the blades overlap (without touching).

In the open position the impellers create the greatest batch circulation. In the closed position impellers produce greatly increased dispersion action. While both high-speed shafts operate in the same direction, when opposite sides of the blades overlap they are moving in opposite directions. The effect on material being dispersed is that the rim or the tip speed is doubled.
Butterfly mixer with rotating vessel scraper
The triple-bladed butterfly mixer is matched to the container diameter to ensure that the product rearrangement is continual and prevents the occurrence of flow-free zones in the mixing container.