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MIKRONS line of Double Planetary Mixer offers wide range of solutions to various mixing problems.

Designed for intensive mixing, dispersing, kneading, and de-aerating products such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, coatings, granulations, and similar products of medium to high viscosity. The homogenous mixing of various ingredients of different densities in different proportions for solid/solid, liquid/solid, and liquld/Iiquid is achieved effectively by the use of Double Planetary Mixer.

Why Double Planetary Mixer is efficient?

Rotation of the Planetary Blades on their own axis, while they travel around the center of the mixing bowl ensures complete and effective mixing. Our Double Planetary Mixer is a high-performance & all-purpose mixer which is able to combine the functions of reaction, mixing, smelting & dispersion together.

Standard mixer consists of Double Rectangular Beater Blades which rotates in planetary motion i.e. clock wise direction about the central axis and anti clock wise direction about its own axis. The main drive, lifting and lowering operations is motorized. The product bowl is mounted on caster wheels for easy portability for washing and transporting the material.

Vacuum Type
Vacuum Jacketed Planetary Mixers for the preparatian of ointment; toothpaste; creams; suspensions are designed to achieve the best results. All contact parts are made from SS 304 or SS 316 steel as per client's requirements.
Design Highlights of DPM
  • Floating scraper blade adjusts to bowl contour.
  • Lift manually or hydraulically operated (air/oil or electric pump)
  • Special steel planetary gears, heat treated and hardened for durable, long life.
  • Stirrup, Vertical, or combinations of blades available.
HV Blade Series
High Viscosity "HV" blade design is ideal for mixing and kneading viscous pastes under atmospheric or vacuum conditions. The "HV" Blades each rotate on their own axes, and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providing complete mixing in a very short timeframe.