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  Discharge System
The Hydraulic Discharge Press system is required to discharge product from mix bowls if the product is not free flowing and cannot be discharged by gravity. Our Hydraulic Discharge Presses are an essential accessory for the Planetary Mixer and in some cases for the Single, Dual, and Multi-Shaft Mixers. Utilizing this system, products can be easily packed into cartridges, can, pails, or drums. The Press enhances operator safety, reduces the risk of contamination or loss of product, and also saves time.


This system is typically fabricated from steel and includes:

  • Stand with base plate
  • Platen with mounting system
  • Hydraulic cylinder (double acting)
  • Hydraulic connections and a hydraulic power pack

In some cases, the Hydraulic Discharge Presses utilize the same hydraulic unit supplied with mixer to raise and lower the agitators.